Easy Mix Burger - 2kg

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"We love cows but not in burgers!"

Ready mix for the preparation of vegan burger patties.

2kg net weight resulting in approx. 6kg prepared mix | approx.: 80 burger patties

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kein Tierleid
No animal suffering
Hergestellt in Deutschland
Made in Germany

Further Information

Nutritional values
Average nutritional values Per 100 g
powder mix
Per 100 g
prepared mix
Energy 1526 kJ / 364 kcal 509 kJ / 121 kcal

- saturates

9,7 g
1,2 G
3,2 g
0,4 G
- Sugars
23 g
6,2 g

7,7 g
2,5 g

Fiber 14 g 4,7 g
Protein 39 g 13 g
Salt 4,3 g 1,4 g

Our ingredients

49% textured pea protein (pea protein, pea flour), thickening agent: methyl cellulose, partially de-oiled sunflower seeds, corn granules, rapeseed oil, rice granules, caramel powder (caramel sugar syrup, maltodextrin), 2.9% enzymatically hydrolyzed pea protein, onion, table salt, flavorings, beetroot, spices, smoke flavoring