Vegan alternatives for your business

Expand your vegan offering with our tasty delights

Vegan alternatives for your B2B business

We're reconceptualising animal foods and revolutionising the food industry with our unique vegan products. With our high-quality meat substitutes, we've already won over top restaurateurs and are stocked in many well-known German supermarkets such as Rewe and LIDL. Become a part of the vegan food innovation!

We're making a difference

100% Vegan
Made in Germany
Quick & easy
Long shelf life

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Our mixable vegan products

Our delicious, much-loved products are sold in powder form, ready for you to mix yourself. Adding water and oil creates a meaty mix that can be seasoned, formed and cooked to your liking.

What makes them so great:

    ✔️ Cook however you like: season the mix to your liking and form whatever size or shape fits best with your recipe.

    ✔️ Easy to store and prepare: our powder products have a long shelf life. Just mix with water and oil whenever needed.

    ✔️ Freezable: our products can be frozen, whether as a mixture or after cooking. They remain safe to freeze even after a couple of days in the fridge.

Our Easy Mix range spans vegan alternatives to egg, mince, meatballs, pâté, schnitzel, burgers, milk, and much more.

Chilled fresh products

Now available: fresh vegan Weißwurst. This vegan take on the classic Bavarian sausage has been a big hit in restaurants and was even sold during the Oktoberfest.

We also offer chilled vegan Currywurst- and Bratwurst-style sausages as well as fresh meatballs.

Alternatively you can opt for convenient frozen products: schnitzels, burgers and meatballs.

What makes our fresh products so great?
✔️ Super easy preparation
✔️ Pre-formed and ready to cook
✔️ Excellent taste

It's all about taste

Many of us know that worldwide levels of meat consumption are too high. However, we still like the taste of meat, and so the thought of reducing our consumption or giving it up altogether feels particularly difficult.

That's where we come in: with our tasty plant-based alternatives to meat, fish, egg and milk, we no longer have to give up the taste of meat that we know and love. Saving the planet has never been easier!

Big on flavour, small on sacrifice. Are you with us?

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