As a sustainable and 100% plant-based brand, we offer just the right thing for all the multifaceted challenges of modern professional kitchens:
Perfectly customized products, a unique service and a trusted brand.​

​ We focus on customized, solution-oriented concepts and maximum product quality. In this way, we help our customers to add plant-based options to their menus as easily as possible without compromising on taste, variety and profit!

Strong brand

Our strong brand is also your strong brand! Our loyal social media fanbase is just looking forward to enjoying GREENFORCE at your restaurant too!

Perfect for use in the gastronomy

We have optimized our wide-ranging and innovative products for the gastronomy sector and thus have a solution for every type and size of professional kitchen!

Personal support

With our team of real gastronomy experts, we are there for you personally and help wherever we can - with recipe ideas, preparation tips and much more!

Free from soy and wheat

We avoid soy, wheat and flavor enhancers to make the switch to a plant-based diet as easy as possible for you and your guests.

Made in Germany

As a pioneer for sustainability and maximum quality guarantee, all our foodservice products are produced exclusively in Germany.

100% plant-based

For us, there are no in-between solutions. We stand unmistakably for vegan options. That's why all our products are 100% plant-based - with no exceptions.

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Contact our gastronomy experts in the team for all questions and to order free samples:
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Our foodservice products

Whether you have a small café, a long-established pub, a snack bar, a Michelin-starred kitchen, a business catering service or a big commercial kitchen:
For maximum flexibility and optimized work processes, GREENFORCE products are available for self-mixing (as dry powder), as fresh products and frozen products.

We offer you exactly what you need and what your guests want!

Mixable dry products
for creative chefs

The addition of water (and oil) turns our dry mixes into a meat-equivalent mass. This can be seasoned, shaped and processed as desired.


  • cost-effective and optimized use of goods
  • shelf life at least 18 months
  • space-saving storage without refrigeration
  • refine as desired, e.g. with onions, spices, herbs
  • highly versatile, portionable and moldable

Discover our entire range of mixable dry products here.

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Chilled fresh products for quick preparation

Our ready-made products from the fridge can be prepared directly, simply and quickly. They are perfectly balanced in terms of taste and consistency and are the perfect basis for wholesome dishes.


  • simple and super quick preparation
  • shaped and ready to heat up
  • selection of products for roasting, heating in a bain-marie and baking in the oven
  • best taste and consistency compared to competitors/li>

Discover our entire range of fresh products here.

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Frozen products for flexible use & with a long shelf life

Our frozen products are perfect for long storage and quick and easy preparation. They offer full flavor and stability and are particularly ideal for flexible menus, buffets and large quantities of dishes.


  • long shelf life
  • for long-term storage
  • ready shaped
  • quick and easy to heat up
  • flexible to use

Discover our entire range of frozen products here.

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Wir möchten Dir den Umstieg und die Versorgung mit unseren Produkten so einfach wie möglich machen. Daher arbeiten wir eng mit den führenden Gastronomie-Großhändlern zusammen. So kannst Du unsere Produkte ganz einfach und bequem bei Deinem Großhändler kaufen oder bestellen.



For us, catering and serving guests is a matter close to our hearts. We are already proud to work with various partners in the gastronomy, hotel and catering sectors in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. But we wouldn't be GREENFORCE if we rested on our laurels!

Wir versuchen, jeden Tag noch besser zu werden und alles für Euch und Eure Gäste zu geben! Hier eine kleine Auswahl von erfolgreichen Partnerschaften:

Charly‘s Vegan, Munich, Germany

As a successful franchisee of a national burger chain, Charly has fulfilled his heart's desire: With the reopening of Charly's Vegan 2024 in Munich, Germany, he is focusing on a purely vegan and vegetarian menu to complement the classic burger selection. Our GREENFORCE gastronomy experts developed and designed the menu together with Charly. It contains a total of 17 vegan and vegetarian dishes with various GREENFORCE products - from smashed burgers to chili cheeze baked potatoes.

"GREENFORCE is not only delicious, it also gives me the same flexibility in the kitchen as meat dishes. And it's much more sustainable and I'm ready for the future!“​ - Charly

Strong brand for strong profits

Over 150,000 fans follow us on Instagram, Facebook, X and Twitch and we reach 27 million contacts every month with online posts and PR. But your guests not only know GREENFORCE, they also trust the quality, taste and sustainability of our products!

Put this trust on the map with GREENFORCE! We are happy to offer you our platforms and reach for joint content as part of the collaboration - our fans love gastronomy just as much as we do!!

Unser Team ist gerne für dich da:
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Senior Key Account Manager Food Service
Patrik Mowwe
Senior Key Account Manager Food Service
Peter Buchner
Peter Buchner​ Head of Foodservice​​