What we do:

We rethink animal-based foods and offer high-quality plant-based subsitutes for meat, egg and dairy products that are perfectly adapted to the requirements of a wide variety of professional kitchens. We set the highest standards in terms of quality and taste with a parallel focus on flexibility, environment, compatibility, costs and service.

Why we do it:

More than half of Germans already want to reduce their meat consumption and restaurateurs are finding that the demand for plant-based alternatives is increasing day by day.

We want to make this change in eating habits as easy as possible for you.
We want to help you to ensure that you don't have to compromise on variety, creativity, simplicity and cost in your kitchen.

Strong brand for strong profits

Over 150,000 fans follow us on Instagram, Facebook, X and Twitch and we reach 27 million contacts every month with online posts and PR. But your guests not only know GREENFORCE, they also trust the quality, taste and sustainability of our products!

Put this trust on the map with GREENFORCE! We are happy to offer you our platforms and reach for joint content as part of the collaboration - our fans love gastronomy just as much as we do!!

We are here for you!
Matheus Tribuser
Senior Key Account Manager Food Service
Patrik Mowwe
Senior Key Account Manager Food Service
Peter Buchner
Head of Foodservice​

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