Preparation tips & tricks

From powder to 'meat', 'fish', 'egg', and much more!

How to get the most out of our products

If you're new to our products, you might be wondering how they are prepared: what to do, how long it takes, and how to maximise their use. To answer your questions, we've put together a few tips for you here.

Preparing our vegan egg

Before starting, pre-heat your pan on medium heat.

Mix up the batter with a whisk until smooth.

When cooking, don't flip or turn the egg until the batter has solidified a little and comes away easily from the pan.

Let your imagination run wild and see what ideas you come up with. How about a Mediterranean scrambled egg?

Preparing our meat alternatives

With our mix at home products you're free to customise them to your heart's content. You're in charge! Why not try adding ginger, coriander and toasted sesame oil to our meatballs for an Asian twist?

Less is more: adding less water to the mix will result in a firmer end product.

If you're making a large quantity, you can use a mixer. Use ice cold water to make the mix firmer. You can also put the mixture into the freezer for a shorter chilling time.

Our delicious plant-based meat can be cooked in a non-stick pan, in the oven, or in an air fryer.

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